Saturday, May 23, 2009

Making a Difference!

I am someone who firmly believes that every person has the power in them to make a difference in this world, and it is our duty to make this world a safer, cleaner, more peaceful place for our children. As busy adults, we tend to forget that even our smallest daily decisions can make a difference, and we sometimes feel discouraged as others around us seem to completely neglect this simple concept.

I receive an email newsletter once a month from a terrific food policy organization called Food First. In the latest issue, issue #128, the very first story immediately caught my attention. The story is about a group of fourth graders in Madison WI who are doing what us adults should be doing; making a difference. These fourth graders formed a group, the Boycott School Lunch (BCSL), after conducting some cafeteria experiments with their school lunches, like measuring how much grease they could squeeze out of their hamburgers. Their goal is to bring awareness and change to their school lunch options. They decided to hold a protest by staying back from their cafeteria lunch and holding their own homemade, healthy hot lunch on tablecloth covered picnic tables. Their protest, however, was cancelled by administrators due to technical and legitimate reasons, but the story is still quite inspiring. Please read the the full story by Mary Ellen Gabriel fromt the Capital Times

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