Saturday, September 19, 2009

Rinconada Dairy Pozo Tomme

I want to give a wide, open arm welcome to Rinconada Dairy at the Saturday morning farmers market in SLO. Rinconada Dairy makes one of the best raw sheep's milk cheeses I have ever had. It is called Pozo Tomme,and it is delicious. Rinconada dairy showed up at the SLO Saturday morning market a couple of weeks ago, but I kept forgetting to bring extra money so I could buy a wedge of their fantastic cheese. Well, this week I remembered. The best way to eat this cheese is just as it is, though, this morning dipping it in Stotley's Bee Farm Honey was quite exceptional. Rinconada Farm also brought pasture raised chickens to the market this morning. As far as I know, they are the only local farm raising eating chickens this way. I am bringing even more extra money next week so that I can buy a chicken as well. If you are looking for healthy meats to feed your family, pasture raised and grass fed are the only way to go. Please go to the market and show your support for this great farm, I want them to stick around!!

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