Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Features!

I have added two new features on the left side bar; Cory's Top 5 Produce Picks, and What's In Season. There is so much great produce showing up at the farmers market that I thought my top picks for the week (or month, depends on produce turn over) would be a nice Seasonal Cuisine feature. Now, these are not my only picks, just the five produce items I probably couldn't live without for the week. This list will also help to showcase those produce items that only seem to hang around for a couple of weeks, like fresh garbanzo beans. I have also decided to add a list of what is in season, which will be located underneath the blog archives. This will be a general list that changes 4-8 times a year. I actually think there are 8 seasons, produce wise that is! I have some other great ideas in the works, so keep reading!

1 comment:

Carolyn said...

Hi Cory!

I've really been enjoying reading your blog entries! Your Top 5 Produce Picks list is great! I love getting the beets from farmer's market. I'm surprised to find out that not many people I've been talking to know about the golden beets. Which farmer's market can I find the fresh garbanzo beans?